Night Dives
Something mysterious, but fun!

Have you ever wondered what happens underwater after the sun goes down. Then it’s time for a night dive! Even for more experienced divers night diving has something mysterious. At night the reef changes: some of the marine life is going to rest while others get active.

If it is your first night dive, no worries, we will take the time to explain how to handle the dive light and how to communicate. We choose the dive site based upon conditions and your experience so that we stay in your comfort zone.

Special night dives


A few days after each full moon, at exactly the right moment, you can experience something breathtaking: The Ostracods. We know where to go to see this natural spectacle and we are more than glad to take you on one of these tours

Blue light

You will get a special filter on your mask and we will show you the reef in a whole different way. Some organisms contain a special substance which gives them fluorescent colors.

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